It’s so important that during labour and birth you have options; You are aware of what those options are and feel confident to make decisions that are right for you, your body, your baby and your family. Birth is a force like no other and the day you bring your child into the world will stay with you forever. Here at the Beautiful Birth Club we will inform, educate and inspire you to have a positive (not perfect) beautiful, birth experience.

“A good mix of practical info and relaxation techniques that we still remember almost a year later. Plus she is a lovely person.” 2019 Alison+Oli, Stroud UK

“All our sessions were during lockdown on zoom calls, whatsapp messages and emails and yet I still felt so at ease preparing for my baby. She made me feel calm, relaxed and excited about what was to come. She has magical vibes and does everything to make you feel like you can rule the world” 2020 Katie, Pembrokeshire UK.

“Beccy was warm, knowledgeable and passionate. We felt very empowered by our sessions and it enabled me and my husband to have the gentle planned caesarean we had hoped for. Thank you so much Beccy for all your help and support in making it a magical and empowering experience, you made such a difference to our pregnancy and birthing journey.” 2020 Amy+Johnny, Stroud UK.

” Hypnobirthing helped me to reconnect with my pregnancy, lockdown meant I never got the maternity leave I had dreamed of and with classes cancelled I started to feel disconnected from my pregnancy, as a first time mum I was panicking.  I can honestly say if it was not for Beccy and her hypnobirthing course there is absolutely no way I would be coming out of this pregnancy as held together as I am. Hypnobirthing really is an amazing tool to have at your disposal and I am so glad that we found Beccy with her guidance, patience and amazing knowledge to help guide us through our pregnancy.” 2020 Anon.


“What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn….that since day one she’s already had everything she needs within herself….it’s the world that convinced her she did not” Rupi Kaur.

From a young age pregnancy and birth fascinated me but the thought of giving birth terrified me. Moving through womanhood I absorbed more and more negativity about birth which deepened that fear. I was shocked at how this gradual drip feeding of negative imagery and words surrounding childbirth had affected me so deeply. When I fell pregnant with my first child, I instinctively knew I needed to educate myself with something other than mainstream antenatal classes; it was upon discovering Hypnobirthing during my first pregnancy that I began the process of unlearning this fear. I want more and more birthing people and their partners to unlearn that fear and have full knowledge of the strength that exists within them.

The birth of my first baby was a shock to me and it was a long healing process both physically and mentally. I soon realised that there are many different methods of Hypnobirthing, not all are equal and I hadn’t found quite the right one for me. Enter The Calm Birth School. The birth of my second child was a very healing experience for me, not because of the way he was born but because of the way I felt when he was born. And this is what it’s all about. Emerging from birth feeling emotionally intact was a game changer. I felt like some sort of superhero goddess! I fully understood how my birthing body worked. I understood all the different paths birth could take. I understood what my rights were and what my options were. This birth was not something that happened to me. It was me. All me.

Positive birth isn’t about doing it drug free with no assistance- although using Hypnobirthing techniques can lower the chances of intervention . Positive birth can be multiple vaginal exams; positive birth can be laying on your back with your feet in stirrups; positive birth can involve having your baby lifted out of your womb; positive birth can involve having guidance on when to push and when to rest; positive birth can involve taking all the drugs! Positive birth isn’t about what happens, it’s about why it happens, understanding why it happens and, perhaps most importantly, it’s about how you felt about it. What is important is that you know you have choices and what those choices are. Birth is a hugely transformative experience. It’s a force like no other. The day you give birth will stay with you forever and can influence your journey into motherhood and beyond. Every woman deserves to look back on the day she birthed her baby with feelings of pride, strength and empowerment and that is what my Hypnobirthing sessions are here for. My sessions are friendly and relaxed and I always allow time for informal chats and questions. I am based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and offer sessions here and across the Cotswolds including Cirencester, South Gloucestershire, Gloucester and Cheltenham. Until further notice I am conducting all sessions on Zoom so we can work together no matter where in the UK you are. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope to meet you soon.

Course Content and Prices

Prepare for a birth that’s positive not perfect. Learn techniques that will help you feel and be more in control during your labour and birth. Techniques that you can take through the rest of your life to help you cope with challenging situations. Learn how your body works during labour and birth. Learn how to work with your body and your baby.

Learn how fear effects your labour and birth. Learn techniques to eliminate or quieten those fears. Learn simple and effective breathing techniques for labour and birth and beyond! Feel empowered with knowledge and confidence. Learn to recognise your own inner strength. Learn how to listen to and trust your intuition. Learn about the importance of the role of the birth partner and the practical and emotional support they can offer. Learn about all pain relief options, medical and holistic. Learn about medical induction, assisted birth and Caesarean birth. Learn how to make birth yours and not something that happens to you.

Learn about what Hypnobirthing is and what it isn’t. Learn about the mind and body connection. Experience the power of visualisation with personalised guided relaxations during our live sessions. These sessions are recorded and sent to you for you to have unlimited use once our sessions have finished. Become an expert in deep relaxation and learn how to use it to your advantage during your labour, birth and beyond. Learn about the birthing hormones and how to keep the right ones flowing during labour and birth.

Don’t let birth be something that happens to you.

I offer private hypnobirthing courses and sessions for you and your birth partner delivered over 4 x 2 hr sessions, 2 x 2 hr sessions or mini (40 minute) relaxation sessions. I can also put together a bespoke course if this isn’t your first baby. Group courses also available. See below for pricing. These sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home. Alternative venue can be arranged or we can meet via zoom. When booking a full course or a refresher course you will receive a welcome pack containing all handouts and reading materials including The Calm Birth School book, access to The Calm Birth School MP3’s to use throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth, invitation to join The Calm Birth School facebook group – a very positive, safe, supportive social media space, a pack of 25 affirmation cards worth £12.50 and my ongoing support via whatsapp/text/zoom into the fourth trimester. An extra person in your corner.

In person sessions can now resume. Beccy reports weekly covid lateral flow tests, adheres to social distancing and extra regular hygiene methods. Will wear a mask if required. Sessions can also take place via zoom.


Full Private Course £320

Refresher Private Course £220

Bespoke Course £poa

Full Group Course £220

Mini Relaxation Sessions £35 (General Relaxation, Fear Release, Birth Hypnosis, Caesarean, Post natal Fourth Trimester Session) Or book a block of 3 sessions for £94.50

£50 deposit to secure booking. Flexible payment plans available.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book. Would also be very happy to schedule in a quick chat and cuppa (on zoom until further notice) about how The Beautiful Birth Club can help you and your unique and individual circumstances. Please leave your contact details and i’ll be in touch.